• Livin My Dreams Art Studio and Co-op began in 2011 in Alpine, TX

  • Congressional Gold Medalist 2012

  • Public Speaker for Permian Basin School District

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Before Isagenix...

I have lost over 40 lbs using Isagenix Health Products.  Now, I love sharing Isagenix with others, especially people with Down syndrome, since we can struggle with our love of food…

Isagenix is healthy shakes and bars for meal replacements.  I use Isagenix for 2 meals a day and enjoy one main meal – I love to make healthy pizza!  They also have “Want More Energy” drinks which are all vitamins to perk us up if we start getting tired in the afternoon.  To be healthy and to lose weight, we recommend cleansing your body once in a while (not a colin cleanse), but a nutritional cleanse.  I drink the Cleanse drink and eat fruits, vegetables and Happy Chocolates that day!

Those of you who know me, know… I could talk about Isagenix alllll day!  I love it!  And I feel great!  My digestive track works better (another problem with people with DS), and Mom says I am more “alert” whatever that is supposed to mean…  I am becoming more and more independent and … Livin My Dreams!

For more information, visit my website http://livinmydream.isagenix.com

2 Responses to Health Coach

  1. Christine says:

    Wow, i love your art work. Wow congrats on loseing weight! My daughter is 16 and was also born with down syndrome. Which product is your favorite? I think we will start changing how were eating.
    Thanks for your inspiration

    • Rebecca Page says:

      Thank you for your comment. i am glad you are eating better.i like everything on Isagenix! i maintain my weight by eating good and a shake day for one of my meals. good luck on Isagenix. Rebecca Page

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