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  1. Al Haney says:

    Hi , I’m Al Haney and I’ll be in Alpine for Artwalk again this year. I’m a sax, flute, clarinet player who’s looking for some venues that would like to add live music for their customer’s entertainment as an added draw to your gallery. I noticed a gallery last year that had live music and thought it might be fun to play some galleries. My Alpine references are : I played last year with the Pinche Gringos on 5th street and the Anthony Ray Wright band at the brewery. I have also played with the Rick Ruiz Grupo de la Paz. I play classical,jazz, latin,rock,country, pop, standards, and sacred music. Let me know if I can add something unique to your Artwalk event. I can be reached for questions at this email or by phone at 432 290 0322 Thanks, Al Haney

    • Livinmydreams says:

      Hi Al,
      Thank you for your inquiry about music at the Art Walk. We might be interested if you are looking to rent space for the weekend, but we are not in a position to pay a musician. Sounds like a great idea!
      Thanks, Joyce Page

  2. Graham Kirby says:

    Hello. Is there a gallery that is open to the public, and if so, what are the days and times that your are open? My family and I will be in town the weekend of Dec. 28th and 29th. Thanks!

    • Livinmydreams says:

      Hello!! Yes, we have a gallery that is open to the public. We will be traveling back to Alpine on Saturday the 28th, so please give me a call or text if you would like to stop by on Sunday after church. We would love to see you!

  3. Tony says:

    Hi and good afternoon,

    It’s Tony from Louisiana and I ‘am here to say how you are doing. I’am also here
    to ask for a favor I’m going to submit my photo shop called ALL4You&More, it
    describes best as Pictology 4 You . I asked how I can share my gifted talent
    on the list with all of you as entrepreneurs. See you at our NDSC Convnetion .


  4. April says:

    I am so glad I found this website and learned about your wonderful adventures! I also have a daughter with Downs and would be so thankful if you could contact me. The artwork is truly amazing and i am so excited about Rebecca’s success.

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